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Our exclusive line of UR Impressions ® brand vinyl transfer decals was created to ensure that each design is produced with precise and specific detail. Hours are spent to make sure every line, point, and angle are traced to perfection. It's the attention to detail that separates our vinyl graphics and decals from our competitors.

URI179-R Red USMC Death Before Dishonor


Each month we feature our most popular designs created by our graphics design team. We appreciate their hard work, dedication, and want to display their God given talent of artistry and creativity.


This section provides information for each UR Impressions ® product we manufacture, with specific title, part numbers, and correlating GS1 UPC's .

Online Shopping


Stop by a check out our vast selection of UR Impressions ® transfer decals available for purchase at and To visit our storefronts, just click the buttons below. Happy shopping!

UR Impressions ® is a USPTO registered trademark. Any use of the mark and/or brand must be authorized by UR Impressions LLC. UR Impressions LLC reserves the right for the sole use of the mark by name or brand. Any violation of this mark will be deemed infringement and grounds for legal action.

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